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A production company


Deer Meadow Productions AB is a small company that produces concert performances with the guitarist Magnus Gutke, film productions within the art or art music area and CD productions of art music.




Magnus Gutke started his classical guitar education in Åmål, Sweden, 1974. At the age of 12 he was accepted as a private student at the conservatory of music, Ingesunds Musikhögskola, to study with maestro Gunnar Lif. After 12 years studies with maestro Gunnar Lif he was accepted at the Parisian conservatory, Ecole de Musique de Paris, to study with maestro Alberto Ponce.



As new CDs are produced, much of the inspiration is collected from the ambiance in Paris, the paysage in France and memories from time spent with the maestros.

A view from concert hall, Salle Cortot, inside the conservatory Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

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