Platero y Yo

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Platero y Yo


In Sweden there are two recordings of Silver and I. Maestro Gunnar Lif has done one together with actor Allan Edwall. It was also through Gunnar Lif as Magnus Gutke first made contact with the work when he heard the guitar teacher play Eduardo Sainz de la Maza's composition.


The lyrics and music have been in Magnus's consciousness since the age of fifteen, but it is after twenty years that the relationship to the work has deepened not only musically but also in the understanding of the message and the connection between music and words.


The disc is only part of the project that has grown in his consciousness for five years and is now being realized more and more. After a long time in the text of the book, he examined names and places that appeared in the text, and read as Jimenéz wrote, he traveled down to the Spanish author's hometown.


A short program for SVTs Kultursöndag was produced.




The journey to Moguer


- I had a strong impulse that I would travel down to Moguer, the little Andalusian city on the Atlantic coast where the book's action takes place. I did not know what to get out of the trip, but it gave me more than I had expected. I then traveled around the places described in Silver and I. With me I had a camera I borrowed from a friend. The pictures are now visible on the cover of the released disc.

Throughout the trip, Magnus Gutke came into contact with Fundación Juan Ramón Jiménez, who is behind him and has contributed important contacts. They are very happy about the Swedish initiator of the great Spanish work.

"It was during my first trip to" La Fuentepiña ", the house that appears in the book, as I met Jimenez Foundation's director in association with a recent literature prize winner. Next to the stable there was Silver standing and the pine tree under which he was buried. When they found out why I was there, they gave me their business cards and wanted to participate in the project.


The recording

One and a half years later, Gutke had the opportunity to recall the director Ramirez, as well as meet a number of others in the subject of knowledgeable people. This time he did not travel alone, but had a small film team.


"We had booked both the donkeys and the turtle beforehand, which they arranged for us. We visited Jimenez's Birthplace, and heard the views of various Spanish people on the author and his works, as well as seeing completely new artwork inspired by the stories in the book.

Picture from the surroundings that was formerly thought of by vineyards. After the vines were attacked by phylloxera in the early 20th century, the vineyards have been replaced by strawberry cultivars.

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